Elias Hashborn

Whitewall Emissary/Citizen to the bone and beyond


What have I done? I must fix this immediately before it is to late.

Height: 5’10"

Build: (Look at picture)

Eyes: Ocean blue

Hair: Ear length, Sandy Brown, Well kept

Skin: Light Tan

Clothing: Dark Blue Shirt over his breastplate, grayish blue linen pants that cover from his waist down, black boots.

Anima Banner: When the banner is flared it looks as if the ocean itself is coming to crush the enemy with its awesome natural force.


Martial Arts —> Continue training and studying
Burning Ivy —> Friendship
Battle Buddy —> Isoroku
Circle —> Least most of them
Recca —> Something is growing there

Pages: Elias and Ivy, Nightmare Of An Exalt, Elias’ One Month of Rain, Elias’, Lotta Catching Up To Do, Elias’ Asides, Elias and Isoroku – The Circle, Heavenly Nightmare


Elias Hashborn was a bit young for politics, but not for the duties he was bestowed as a political bodyguard to protect White Wall’s political minds and bodies. Rarely he was needed, but when the time came he protected them. He rarely killed attackers unless they had weapons (most of the time they did). Then one day Elias was assigned to protect an entire entourage of political minds, in that group was an old and good friend of Elias, Nathaniel Cuthbert. Both rejoiced at the sight of the other, as Elias escorted the group him and Nathaniel talked of what they have missed between the two. Then it happened….assassins.

Elias and the five politicians were walking down a huge white washed hallway towards a central dome in White Wall. Suddenly six figures cloaked in brown and wearing dark red masked turbans stepped out from behind pillars in the hallway, Elias and the politicians were surrounded. Elias’ training took a hold of him as he went into a stance while slowing making a protective circle around the politicians. “You all will not survive today, men of this forsaken city,” one of the assassins spoke with a thick desert accent. And with those words, the assassins sprung forward.

They came fast, but somehow, Elias managed to get all of the politicians out of the way of the attack while holding up one of the assassins. Now Elias was managing to defend against the five assassins with just his hands, dodging blows, connecting his own punches, breaking a bone here and there…..then he realized, he was facing five….where was the sixth? Then he heard a blade dig into flesh, not his own though. He turned around to discover the sixth assassin had dug his curved blade into one of the politicians, Nathaniel. Stricken with grief, Elias fell to his knees as he saw the blade wrenched out of Nathaniel’s motionless body. His grief hit him like an ice cold ocean wave….then that grief went to anger, then that wave turned onto the assassin. He went from ice cold to burning with rage. Elias stood up and stared down the sixth assassin, at first the assassin hesitated as he looked at Elias but then charged him.

Elias’ fist met the assassin’s chest, and with surprising force. Elias felt the assassin’s rib cage give way as he flew back into a pillar. Elias was shocked, but there was no time to dwindle on this, he had a job to do. He took another stance and faced the other five assassins. They all charged at him, he was ready…he hoped. The first of their blades came at him, Elias deflected it with the back of his hand as his other hand smashed into the man’s face and flung him back. Two blades came at him, his legs gave way as he sunk below the blades and grabbed their handles and their handler’s hands and flipped backwards with his momentum and flung the two assassins back with him and into a single pillar. The other two assassins tried to flank him as he did this, but as Elias regained his balance from his flipped he jumped at one of the assassins and slammed his foot into the man’s shin, shattering it. As the man screamed, Elias’ fist met his chin in an uppercut and sent him flying, making the man silent.

Elias turned to the last standing assassin who looked a little scared now. He yelled, “Haseer, we need you now!” Elias stalked toward the assassin, “No one can help you now assassin.” Suddenly, Elias felt a great wind rush towards him, he turned at the last minute as a dagger flew past him and sunk into the assassin’s head. “Darn,” a smooth voice said behind him, “I usually don’t miss, oh well he served his purpose.”

Elias faced the voice to see a man dressed similar to the assassins except his clothes were white and his masked turban was black, but the masked part was hanging open revealing a shining white smile facing Elias. “I assume you are Haseer that man was talking about,” Elias asked while taking a defensive stance. Haseer seemed more confident than the assassins, “Perhaps I am mister Hashborn”. Elias looked shocked and responded, “How do you know my name?!” Haseer laughed, “My dear boy, I am a trained assassin, I must know a good deal about my targets before I strike.” And then, Haseer charged but his blade was not drawn.

Elias met every punch Haseer through, they grappled. “You are very skilled, tis a shame I have to kill you.” Elias smiled, “You are more than welcome to try.” With that Haseer jumped back and drew his blade and removed his turban, revealing a symbol on his forehead….a Night-caste symbol! My god ,Elias thought, I am facing a solar….I am going to die, but I must prevail to let the politicians get away! Elias was sweating but he stood his ground, staring down the now deadlier Haseer. Haseer charged Elias.

The blade came at Elias with a vicious swing, reflexively Elias put up his hands to catch the blade…..and he did. Both him and Haseer looked surprised. Elias took this shock to flung the sword out of Haseer’s hands and into a pillar. Elias’ right foot swung sideways and trip Haseer and made him start to fall sideways. With his left foot, Elias kicked Haseer as hard as he could, surprisingly it shot Haseer clear across the hallway and crashed into a pillar. Elias charged after Haseer, he had to finish this now. As Haseer rose from the crumbling remains of one of the pillars Elias’ fist slammed into his stomach then his other fist smashes down into his head. A kick to the knee, Haseer screams in pain, a fist to the throat shuts him up though. Haseer throws a frenzied fist at him, but Elias catches it and slams his elbow into Haseer’s arm causing it to break. Haseer doesn’t have much time to scream as Elias’ other fist slams into his face causing him to fly back into the wall. As he bounces off the wall with massive force, Haseer is slammed back into it, causing the wall to crack, due to Elias slamming into him. Elias’ fists and feet slam into Haseer over and over again. Eventually Haseer stops moving, Elias is out of breath as he walks back to the cowering politicians. Nathaniel is dead now, tears swell in Elias’ eyes. He turns back to look at the assassins and Haseer. The assassins’ bodies are still there but Haseer was gone. Ashamed, Elias carries Nathaniel’s body away while still escorting the other politicians to their destination.

It wasn’t until the next day that Elias discovered he too was a Solar now, a Zenith-caste. He realized that was the reason he was able to match and beat Haseer. Still to this very day, Elias keeps a watchful eye out for the elusive Haseer to finish what should have happened to him a year ago.

Elias Hashborn

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