Reports from Fujian and Malik

Malik’s Letter – The words are written in a style with many flourishes, and are not inked but seared into the paper, but in a precise way that does no harm to the letter or its readability.

My Lord Summoner,

I have, as you so wisely instructed, remained here in this musty warehouse of records, where my skill and knowledge are put to best use. I offer to you my report of my findings, and trust you will be satisfied.

While the Artisan who was also assigned to this task was content to sift through records in chronological order, I chose instead to seek out cases with similarities to one another, such as all that related to duels of honor, the better to understand what divides a successful case from a failed one. Most of the minor charges are outright dropped or dismissed, without any effort made to investigate, likely because they are too numerous, and have too little impact upon the tapestry of Creation for the effort required. Further, it seems that such charges are also made freely by those who feel cheated, imposed upon, or otherwise angered by another spirit’s successes. Many of them seem to be the ramblings of poor losers, rather than actual allegations of wrongdoing.

More major cases, or lesser cases that seem plausible from their write-ups, are where the focus of investigation lies, and are resolved with admirable swiftness. Here, the Inquisitors will go in person, or more commonly, send trusted agents to gather testimony and evidence. This material is combed through, considered, weighed against previous charges and events whether dismissed or not, and finally judged. I suspect that in these cases, all involved parties will attempt to offer up further considerations for the Inquisitor, who is undoubtedly not swayed by anything tangential to the case.

Having found little that could satisfy your requests in this time, I attempted to change up my methods of search. My intuitive methods seemed to cause the meticulous Artisan some difficulties, but I am proud to say that my methods paid off, allowing us to discover a misfiled document that bears, of all things, a grievous charge against the Mammoth Avatar and her kin. The Artisan nearly insisted on re-shelving it, but I persuaded him to keep it separate, so that we might better examine the charge. The document suggests that the Mammoth sought to hide a crime her son, a God-blood named Vidar Goretusk, is accused of carrying out against a rival tribe. Though evidence mentioned in the charge is minimal, it is suggested that testimony be sought directly from all involved.

Despite the serious nature of this allegation, and the possibility of actual evidence being found, the case is listed as having been dropped, following an investigation from Toorg, Inquisitor of the Orchard Isles region. I think I need not tell you how suspicious it is that someone from so far away would have been given inquisitorial duties over this matter. If you will forgive me for suggesting such a thing, it seems that you would be best served if you were to engage my swordsmanship, courtly demeanor, and intimidating presence in investigating this matter directly, or at least as your bodyguard in Creation.

Fujian’s Letter – The letter has fine embellishment around the edges, an interlocking pattern of inked branches, and the text is in tight and precise calligraphy.

To Mnemon Isoroku,

Per your request, I have sought out information regarding possible improprieties and breaches of Heavenly Law, with regards to the Animal Masters, Northern Herd Gods, and Icewalker Tribal Totems. I report that records from the time period you specified hold no less than 4395 minor charges, 294 more serious charges, 6 major charges, and at least 1 grievous charge. The minor and serious charges relate to perceived instances of favoritism between gods and their worshippers; the vast majority of these have been dismissed or allowed to sit uninvestigated.

The major charges refer to discrete instances where gods, specifically Tribal Totems of the Icewalkers, have delivered pronouncements and guidance to their priests and worshippers which could be interpreted as exerting political dominion over mortals, in violation of the Creation-Ruling Mandate. The gods in question were Totems of the Ardat Greenfield Reindeer, Red Plains Elk, Blackwater Mammoth, Death Mountain Bear, Grimlake Musk-Ox, and Frigid River Otter Tribes. These charges have all been investigated, and warnings have been delivered, but no censures or punishments have been levied.

Finally, the lone grievous charge, which was discovered to have been misfiled and poorly labeled, alleges that the Mammoth Avatar, who also acts as the primary Totem of the Blackwater Mammoth Tribe, was involved in covering up a massacre committed by her mortal child, one Vidar Goretusk. This case is marked as having been investigated and dismissed on grounds of falsified evidence and hearsay, under the authority of the Inquisitor of the Orchard Isles region.

Tangential to this information, I report that the Ifrit assigned to this task with me, one Malik, has a most unorthodox manner of research which may irritate our hosts. I have endeavored to properly re-shelve and re-organize the documents he pulled and scattered upon the floor, a task which enabled our discovery of the single grievous charge, but still request that he be instructed to show greater care. That is the full extent of my report. I await further instruction.

Reports from Fujian and Malik

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