Theories on the Wyld and Creation

I have come to a realization about humanity, the soul and Creation itself. All mortals dream, gods do not dream but it is said that demons dream and perhaps their masters as well, but the closest gods come is speaking to us in dream. We replenish ourselves upon the stuff of dream and I’ve heard of powers some Lunar’s possess that can deprive and even poison others dreams, slowly eroding a persons mind and will, till they are broken things. Dreams can be prophetic and dreams need not make any sense. Sometimes the Fay are referred to as the stuff of dreams, but I do not believe the sage who coined that saying knew the depths of what he said. Between my history lessons at the Heptagram, shreds and glimpses of Katsu’s life, Old Man Tepet’s ramblings, and Elias’ surprisingly deep knowledge of a great many things – I have learned of the Primordials and their hand in the formation of Creation. That the Primordials came from the Wyld or beyond it and our world holds many ties to that realm.

It is my theory that Creation is flooded with minute traces of Wyld energy. An ever present factor that can only be sensed in a state of slumber. It can also be rarely seen upon the form of newborn babes, the flesh having no soul to resist the Wyld’s influence, mutations such as webbed feet and malformed limbs. Stranger, just as one can journey into the Wyld to catch glimpses of what may come in the form of Wyld prophecy, it seems the rare dream can touch upon the same. These unseen Winds of Wyld are perhaps siphoned to the Pole of Earth where they are nullified – but in their course they touch the lives of countless mortals. I believe this tie is also the premise for many Lunar charms for the manipulation of dreams and prophecy. The latent Wyld energy a key to manipulation of the part of mortals that derives strength for that same energy. Yet, like a sapling, too much water and life is drowned. So too, mortals are adapted or designed for this trickle of Wyld energy. With these theories in place new techniques could be adapted to manipulate the Wyld natures in man-kind as well as the latent Wyld essence in nature itself.


Dreams are not completely nonsensical, much as the Wyld still has direction and time, even if those basic concepts are mailable. Perhaps in the deepest unspoiled Wyld even these concepts hold no sway and true Chaos is the only rule. Dreams though, these are clearly akin to the despoiled Wyld, places touched by our laws just as our minds hold some sway over Dream.

Every dream I can recall is similar to that of a drama, comprised of four different stages:

  • Exposition: The opening scene, which introduces the place, characters, and situation that the dreamer will face–the issue or problem as expressed through metaphor.
  • Development: The emergence of the plot.
  • Culmination: Something significant occurs, and the main character responds.
  • Lysis: The result or solution of the dream’s action. The lysis signifies how the dreamer might deal with the problem or issue that was expressed during the exposition stage. In effect, the work of the dream has produced a solution or result for the dreamer.

In dreams, the mind may allow you to take on new roles or to solve problems. Over coming your fears and being a brave warrior in Dream even if cowardly in the realm of waking. Dreams make use of symbols, taking known images and making their meaning perverse, even to the point of lasting psychosis in reality. In a dream, a fog may swallow you and smoother you to leave you gasping awake, wondering if you had seen death in the dream. The fog might have been a symbol for becoming lost and not seeing a clear course for your future, but as a side-effect, fog might now cause you unease or even fear. The concepts of Dream enforcing itself upon your pattern, changing you, making a concept part of you. Are we only Fae trapped into a stable form, what is the basis of man, from where did we come from? When Creation was young, gazing upon the infinite shores of the Wyld, it would make sense. Whatever first crawled out of the Wyld to make Creation, after the energy and noise of the Wyld, Creation would seem dead and quiet. If Fate is inescapable to mortals, what difference is that from a hobgoblin following its enforced story?

The spark of Wyld in ever Lunar, it must be in ever mortal as well, an ember fanned to life when we take our second breath. We chosen of Luna, by her blessing, we gain control over that birth-rite and can command it once more. The tattoos are a shield against the Wyld, but there is a difference between the Wyld within and the Wyld without, surely it does not weaken our grasp upon that spark? The Caste-less Lunar, when the Winds of Wyld wash over them, do their dreams take a different form? Do the Fae really live a life of Dream, never waking, shifting from one dream to the next? Are we, Creation, a problem they seek to fix…their war on Creation a form of Lysis? Do they pity Fate as one of their own, stuck in an unchanging dream, and seek only to give Creation rest and respite from this endless dream?

If we do not unlock the secrets of Dream and what we are, how we fit into it all, what the Dream is to us – how can we hope to understand the Fae or solve the problems they create?

Theories on the Wyld and Creation

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