Views of the Solar Host after the Siege of Whitewall

Deep in the bowels of Whitewall, in the darkness that resides beside every light, Isoroku contemplates the events that have landed him here. Here, in this meditation chamber, chained and shackled and with all in the North believing him a traitor. Well, all but roughly half of the Circle and those with the greatest of faith in him, a handful of souls…a child’s hand at that. Opening his eyes to the darkness, for perhaps the Gods or his Master would like to judge his actions as well, Isoroku begins to speak…

“You know, I’ve pressed for peace this whole time. No, not peace. Life, I’ve wanted to avoid a loss of life and suffering at any cost. As I learn more of this situation, I simply become more disgusted. When I swore to protect the Kunlun – has anyone had to suffer? Peace between Kunlun Shan, Naru, my people of the Zalvanesh. We can coexist and work together and be helpful to one another. Yet, I look over the Black Crag Mountains and I see war. I see people fighting over a prayer beacon to a God that has turned his gaze from us for thousands of years. I remember, Katsu remembers, the Silver Pact remembers – in the end the Solars disgusted Sol Invictus. Now they seek to send him word? We were created to care for Creation, yet they spend life and blood over such an artifact? I can not speak for the Most High, but if it were me, I would turn my gaze away all over again.

It’s taken much, but I am no longer blinded by Yurgan’s dreams. The Solars are as the Elders have said – they grow pompous and let their visions blind them. Even Han, turning this from a war between the Bull and Whitewall into a Great War spanning the North. Both blind Solars that so believe in themselves, in their infallible actions, that they commit ever greater sins. I see now that as much as I care for Yurgan, we should have killed him and ended this without loss of life. I let my weakness stay my hand and I was wrong. At the same time – I see the same selfish darkness in Han. He’s spoke of spreading his influence to the whole of the North and perhaps all Creation, making countless thousands jobless with his technology, reaping all that wealth for himself. I’ve seen how my House has done that, I’ve seen how the Guild operates, and I know how Han will have to operate to compete and turn a profit on such a scale.

I already hear the whispers. That this detente will not last. That the Icewalker Nation will turn towards conquest again. All I have achieved thus far is preventing the Hislanti League from filling those shoes. Old Man Tepet taught me a great deal about history, not all of it of the Anathema, and I know of the Leagues expansionist imperialism. Had the Bull not risen when he did, we’d be facing them even now. The Hislanti’s aerial superiority must be broken, their technology shared, their lusts tempered. The Bull must be shown that now is the time to consolidate his power and strengthen his people. This insanity of a rising darkness, in all my time with him I saw nothing to support his claims. If a Lunar were to claim such – he would be called mad.

These Solars seek to grow their domains to the point that they become brittle and patchwork. Yurgan controls an expanse of land twice as large as the whole of the Kunlun. Such actions are the reason my House is in danger of destruction after four hundred years of service to the Realm. Seeking to control others with the sword. The Icewalkers were savages: feed their blood lust, put food on their tables, and have the gods whisper them assurances and they are yours. The Realm though? The other Houses will not bow to even the might of Mnemon. If they are subjected, how long till they rebel? The memories of the Dragon Blooded are much longer than that of mortal men. Empires are like cultures, if the people embrace them they are much stronger. The power of a nation comes from her people. Halta has taught me this much – pride in your nation and what it has achieved leads to a stable and powerful nation. Halta has been grown slowly over hundreds of years – not in some brush-fire conquest. Even the Linowan, and their inane war over trees, it is kept relatively cool and Rain is content to direct the growth of the nation in other directions.

I grow tired of these Solar tyrants. Tired of their brothers and sisters turning a blind eye to the evil and greed in their hearts. They all speak of the good they do even as they spill blood, for what – wealth, trade stability, land, conquest?! I was a fool to believe it would be different. It even makes me wonder how much blood Mnemon Aiden plans to spill to see that our House takes the throne. He has been kind to me, kind to my family, yet so has Yurgan. Solars, their tongues of honey even as their hands drip blood. Why, why when you have all of time must your crush the lives of mortal men under your heel for the sake of your ambition?"

Views of the Solar Host after the Siege of Whitewall

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