A story about power: Whether you seek it. How you acquire it. What you do with it. How it changes you.

Some seek revenge, some seek peace, and some have not yet decided. But what is certain is that the most powerful man in the North must fall.

We try to run Exalted every Sunday, but keep A Plague of Angels as a back-up game in case too many players are unable to be present. Our normal “play” hours are from 2:00pm to 10:00pm, though the actual game takes up less time.

Anyone interested in role-playing games, the Storyteller System in general, or Exalted in particular is welcome to drop in and observe. We strive to be welcoming and informative. Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting any new players, but we are trying to arrange a second campaign for prospective players.

Haven Comics
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The Heroes of Rokan-Jin

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