Aracelli of the Sun

Temple Dancer Turned Freedom Fighter


Age: 21

Hair Color: Blond

Hair Style: Long or in a pony-tail

Eye Color: Green

Clothing Style: Dancer clothes, usually with small bells hanging from the ends

Caste Mark: Zenith

Anima: Falcon Wings


Araceli was found on the steps of a temple to the Unconquered Sun when she was 2 years old. For the next three years, she wouldn’t speak to anyone, until she met Nicias. The two grew up together, Nicias learning to be a swordswoman (thanks to training from a friendly woman from Whitewall) while Araceli learned to be a dancer and a knife thrower. When Araceli was 19, the temple was attacked by raiders and while fighting them, she Exalted. She left, knowing they would return looking for her and headed West, both to find others like her and to possibly find more information about her family.

During her trip, she took a boat to an island, where she met Nigiar and she carries a crush for him, still.

Aracelli of the Sun

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