Jesss Ormr

The love of Isoroku's life and future Matron of House Isoroku.


Jesss is a raven haired beauty with a quick wit and endearing personality. She served the snake-people of Liriel-Anneth as a scout and seductress.


Thought their time together was short, Isoroku felt a deep bond immediately with Jesss. Liriel-Anneth reminded him of his lost home, of the Snake-people he had grown to know so well in Rain’s enclave. This was a place he could perhaps call home, settle, and even start a family before he was finally able to find Withered Rose…if that was even a possibility, many more powerful than he had tried. Jesss could be the woman he would spend many centuries with…


At every turn, when Isoroku reaches out his hand…he is bitten. The Realm, Rain, and now Liriel-Anneth and dear Jesss. Creation is a vile place…a place that is best brought to ruin. The sole reason to face the Bull now is to prevent the stability and power that he would bring to the North. Far better that the North remain weak and fractured…that it may eventually fall to the Fair Folk or other forces.

“Creation is a horrible place, it has not changed in three thousand years. In my old life, Katsu, he faced the same evils. Nothing changes and this broken thing should be sent back to whence it came.”

The Truth Reveled

The vile Wyld Fog’s that had cursed Liriel-Anneth for hundreds of years had bound the people into eternal service to the white serpents. When we again returned and the people were cursed no longer, they spoke of a mighty host of Fay that descended upon them and took away an artifact that had excavated countless years before. The Fay took the relic and several of the people besides, Jesss among them. I have cursed her wrongly, the magic of the place made her turn upon me…as it had made her many times before.

A New Beginning

The people of Liriel-Anneth have been returned to their village, free from the alien influence of the Fay, for the first time in an Age. Many still suffer the ravages of the Fair Folk predation, but Aracelli says they will heal. Jesss has shown herself to be a sweet girl and our time in the Wyld together has bonded us closer. I’ve asked her to follow me – that we might see if those feelings that night were true, as I believe them to be. I wish to protect her after all the suffering she has been forced to endure – for she has given me purpose when I knew only loss.

Bonded as One

Jesss and I have been bound as one under the eyes of the Dragons, we are now one household. San Xiao, my son, trains under me that he might one day train his sister. My mentor and father yet lives – to share his guidance and love. Life has become a joy and I wish only to share it with all of Creation – to see all bask in the gifts of life as I do now. The dam’s canal is nearing completion and even now I’ve begun design on the manse that will cleanse the waters of the White Sea, all that remains is finding a suitable location. Every day I thank Venus and Mercury for guiding me to my love – the one who has given me the strength to face every new day as the gift that it is. I love you Jesss, you are my salvation.

Jesss Ormr

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