Yurgen Kaneko

The Bull of the North, lord of the Icewalker Nation, Conquering General.


Yurgen Kaneko’s story is well known throughout the North, if riddled with rumors, hearsay, and outright lies. He is an ancient monster, sent to destroy the Immaculate Faith. He is a god incarnate, come to lead his followers to glory. He rides upon a demon and casts lightning from his eyes.

The truth is that Yurgen was an old chief of the Red Plains Elk Tribe, a man who had reached the end of his years, and had walked out into the snow to find his death. Instead, he found rebirth as a Solar Exalt, the power to unify the divided Icewalker Tribes, and the memory of a brighter era. Armed with these boons, he fought the Wyld Hunt, forged an empire from a bunch of nomads, captured whole kingdoms, drew other Exalts to his side, and defeated the Legions of the Scarlet Empire.

He is an accomplished strategist, tactician, archer, and explorer. He is tough enough to survive the worst blizzards, perceptive enough to spot an enemy scout a mile away, and charismatic enough to form independant demi-gods into a cohesive family. And during his vacation, he tutored Zeru in the way of the Icewalkers.

Yurgen Kaneko

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