Oaths of Marriage

Wedding Vow – Jess x Mnemon Isoroku

These are my words to you my beloved Jess. In Winter, let me warm you from the cold and the darkness. In Spring, let me sate your every passion and desire. In Summer, let me take up my spear in your name to protect our loved ones. In Autumn, let me banish the fears and terrors that trouble you.

I beseech the Dragons to bless us as we travel through life together. Sextes Jylis, bless us with long life and many children – that our union might become eternal in the hearts and souls of our heirs. Daana’d, bless us with the strength to meet each day and each year as it meets us – fresh and bright and full of promise. Hesiesh, bless our hearts with your undying flame and the strength to endure its heat. Mela, give us the clarity of mind, that we ever know the needs of each other’s hearts. Finally, Pasiap, Great Dragon of my House, as your child I ask for a stable life for my dear Jess – for I know no such thing will be found for myself. I ask that you turn your eye warmly upon our children and keep them in your heart.

Let me be your beloved, and you mine, till the end of our days. I will ever be true to you – never betraying our bond in word or deed, so I swear by all the gods and upon the memory of my beloved father. Let our hearts and hands be bound to each other and our causes for all time, in this, our sacred oath of love.

Oaths of Marriage

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