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From Michael’s Notes:

This is an old “chapter” outline, which I updated shortly before the first siege of Whitewall.

Chapter 2

Arrival in Halta with brief stay at a small tree-town.

Someone is suspected of being a Linowan spy.

Meeting with Rain

Relating the events of the previous chapter to Rain

Period of training and sightseeing

Tattooing of Ivy and Saffron
Players get to describe their deeds, personality, and strengths
Aracelli, Nagiar, Zeru for Saffron
Elias, Han Suul, Isoroku for Ivy

Test out new capabilities on hostile Fair Folk raiders
Loaned a Salve of the Immaculate Blood and a Horn of the Ways
Perform the Intro Speech before they go

Chapter 3

Leave for Whitewall

Encounter with Hsien-Ko

Answering questions
(let the players know that this is question-and-answer time)
Had to pay a visit to mommy dearest manipulative bitch
Show a little skin, and boys and girls will cower in terror

Need a teensy favor
Her precious Koala Coatls are getting eaten by something
The Coatls are highly territorial, and not very bright
After getting past Coatls, find a nest of Essence spiders
Spiders actually protecting themselves
Hsien-Ko doesn’t care, and wants them dead
Killing will get the Circle steelsilk for the airship

Arrival in Whitewall

Touring the city

Meeting with the Syndics (picture on Core 174)

Northern Lights Open Martial Arts Tournament

In preparation for next year’s Heaven-and-Earth Invitational

The Bull has sponsored one of his Circle-mates, a former Guardian of Whitewall

Chapter 4

Alliance building in the Kunlun Desert

Ruling Kunlun Shan

Raising Singh into a proper il-Khan

Chapter 5?

Fighting the Shining One

Kunlun Front

Rescuing the People of Liriel-Anneth

Chapter 6

Invasion of the Fae

Scourging of Whitewall

Whatever you want to add.

Timeline Worksheet

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