Vagueness Is Coming

This is a continuation from Omniscient Council of Vagueness. It occurs in Chapter 6 (see Chapters in the Heroic Saga) immediately after Singh discovers that Khan Noonien is truly dead, and was being impersonated by the Circle.

“That Gods-damned assassin!” The man’s fist slammed down on the railing, conveying far more vehement expletives than his verbal outburst had. He covered his mouth tightly, possibly embarrassed to have spoken aloud.

“Sifu…” his assistant signed back to him.

He waved her away, and resumed his tirade, though this time in silence. “All that effort to track them, follow them, to ensure their survival, the debts incurred and favors called in, and that bastard nearly forced them off the map. It was bad enough when that monk determined their secret. (Have we followed up on him, by any chance? Nevermind.) And where the hell was our agent? It was their job to prevent this sort of thing from happening.” He glared up at one of the scuttling figures beyond the railing, locking eyes as it passed.

The assistant bowed her head. “The agent was having difficulty blending in, and did not anticipate any danger in a sleepy backwater like Kunlun Shan. They left to pursue some personal matters, and have been severely disciplined for their laxity.” She raised her eyes. “But if you’ll forgive the question, Sifu, why are these Exalts so important. We’ve never been this concerned with them before.”

Her Sifu turned from the railing, visibly calmer, and placed his hands behind his back. “Our infiltrations are proceeding, and they have uncovered some startling information. It seems that this circle will be vital to our plans.”

“How so?”

The man performed a complex gesture that would have dislocated three joints if not for his years of experience.

“No…” The woman’s eyes were sparkling with mirth.

Sifu smiled. “Oh yes… He most certainly is.”

The assistant nodded perfunctorily and began jotting down notes. “I’ll try to keep the Assassin off them for the time being. I’m sure there are plenty of people we want killed on the other side of the North, so I’ll have one of our agents meet with him to discuss payment.” She finished and pulled out another sheet of paper. “There is also the matter of the missing Reality Engine.”

“Oh, no need for concern, there. I understand it has been located, a team dispatched, and the matter soon to be resolved.”

“That is all, then. I’ll make the necessary arrangements. Good day, Sifu.” She bowed once, and then walked away.

Sifu turned and stared out over the railing once more, permitting himself to imagine the future. In this reverie, he unconciously began signing to himself. “For so long, I thought of them as my enemies, and yet they may be the key to securing Creation’s future. I hope they make the right choices.”

Vagueness Is Coming

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