Vespalia 1

Ector has inspiration
A clear day, near the Fangs of Ruitha. Ses walking at his side, questioning how they would find the others. And then there was the light. A sharp, piercing ray of sunlight, shining from up in the mountains. A sign. Warm sunlight poured over him, and with it, whispers of encouragement from friends and family long dead. The light was safety. The light was a conduit for knowledge, for understanding.

Ector opened his eyes, back in the room that the Saregs had so graciously provided for him. He shook the dream away, reminding himself that it didn’t happen like that. There had been no epiphany, just a flash of light in the distance.

It had been Windan with her armor, or perhaps Naburus, Ector was certain of it. They both denied having sent the signal, so perhaps it was just an accident, a bit of metal at just the right angle to be visible from Ector and Ses’ position. That was all, and Ector had no intention to pretend it was something more…

But he kept thinking back to it. Especially since they had found the old outpost behind the obelisk, the one with the magical light source. The builders had been using light to signal one another. That was not all that surprising; Mirigar had used smoke signals at some of their border forts and watchtowers, or signal fires at night. The problem was that such means of communication were fairly crude, and limited to a handful of simple messages. Even worse, the signals were obvious to everyone for several miles.

But this… this lighthouse, for lack of a better name, was able to aim its light, similar to certain fancy lanterns that Ector had seen. Ector had traced the path of the narrow slit in the wall, marking a line on the map. He had no doubt that another outpost was hidden somewhere along it. And what if the swivel mechanism (NOTE: determine that there was a mechanism, I could have been wrong) / what if there had been a curtain to cover and uncover the light? Just as smoke signals can send messages with puffs and pauses, might messages be sent with periods of light and darkness?

“Naburus, might we speak for a moment?” Ector whispered. The Nosiraa ushered him in, and once the door was closed, Ector wasted no time. “I have an idea for a way to send messages, without hand-delivery or magical training; something that could be a tremendous boon for Gruwan and this village. But to do it, it would help to have some means of reproducing the magic light we saw in that outpost. Do you know anything about that device?”

I am impressed with you Ector, I must admit I do not know how to replicate…whatever that glowing glass is. I’m sure magic could be an answer, but the Vriknii is right…we have slipped so far in that art. This land needs signal towers that much is obvious. The roads are not safe and their are enemies everywhere. The towns stand alone against this unified horde that serves the Lord of Beasts…

It makes me think, when you saw that light at the Fangs…

If we had known so many had left their caves even a small strike force could have purged the Fangs. One such operation would drive such fear into the runts they might never attack in such numbers and their threat against a town like Gruwan would evaporate. If they should attack in such ways again they would merely destroy themselves. The Fang vision not shared info

I remember back on Lathe the holdings of Lord Skjøld used signal towers like that one, Naburus motions back in the direction of the cave, with magical lights and the like. It would be difficult to burn large fires in the mountains to signal one another and such a thing could cause as much harm as good if they fell into enemy hands. I have some experience using the magic signal towers, but we had already subjugated much of the land around our valleys and their use was a rare thing. It was also a duty typically regulated to lower ranking officers…it must have been over two centuries since I last used one.

Naburus lets out an audible sigh, his memories of Lathe taking him back to a happier time when he knew his place in the world.

How do you plan to recreate this system of communication in the absence of magic? From what I can remember back in the fog of my memory the system was very simple, we merely revealed the light in the small slit and that would be the warning. To elaborate on the danger and direction we used a system of colors that the light tube could be shifted into…that won’t be so simple without magic.

Naburus and Ector go outside to experiment
-Use swords, pieces of glass
-Decide to use a mirror

Further experiments
-Borrow a mirror / use one Naburus had
-Try with sunlight and Everlight
-Decide to build a frame

May need to have a break here, due to story advancement—-

Ector builds a suitable frame, lightweight, simplistic
-Test use of two mirrors
-Wave hand in front of beam
-Determine need for aiming mechanism
-Determine need for shutter

Naburus, at some point, borrows a forge
-Makes new mirror, but accidentally curves it
At Sereg Village, the low quality of the forge and materials leads to this blessing in disguise.
-Finds this improves focusing
-Ector has finished the new frame*

Final testing
-Ector acts as remote observer
-Testing distance on clear day
-Testing distance on clear night
-Naburus unveils new light source
-The light bringers develop a universal code and a military code, the latter including rotating color ciphers in addition to a variation on the traditional code.

Vespalia 1

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